Graph Area

Here, the traces are displayed.

zooming in

You can zoom in by holding the left mouse button, followed by dragging to mark the area you want to magnify and relsasing the mouse button.


Select autoscale from the context menue of the graph area or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A.


You can pan the traces either using the scrollwheel of your mouse or - when using a touchpad - using a two-finger scroll.

Alternatively, you can hold the shift key while clicking-and-draging. When the mouse cursor is within the graph area while holding the shift key, the cursor will change to an open hand symbol. As soon as the left mouse button is oressed, the cursor changes to the closed hand symbol, indicating that you have ‘grapped’ the trace.

context menue

This menue is accessed by right-click (or option click on Macs). It offers a variety of functions.