Notes on Exporting Data for IgorPro

The files created by PMbrowser are compatible with IgorPro versions 5 and later.

When exporting traces as Igor binary waves as either single .ibw files or as part of an experiment .pxp file, metadata will be exported as a wave-note. Which metadata will be exported is chosen via the ‘Select Parameters’ Dialog by selecting the ‘export’ checkbox for the items you want to include.

When exporting several traces into a single .pxp file, you have the option to have a datafolder structure created which replicates the tree structure (group, series) found in the .dat file. Additionally, a macro will be included to create graphs for the individual series. This macro is accessible from the Macro menue (entry Display Waves) within IgorPro.

You may want to restrict the traces you export using the ‘Tree-Filter’ Dialog before invoking Export -> all visible traces from the File menue.